Terms & Conditions


Any proofs / visuals supplied to client, remain the copyright of Studio Creative, until such time as a design / illustration has been chosen and paid for. At that time, the chosen design / illustration then becomes the copyright of the client and all other proofs must be returned to Studio Creative. Intellectual copyright of all supplied designs / illustrations as proofs / visuals, remains however with Studio Creative. Copying, manipulating, selling or using any design / illustration proof / visual, in part or in whole, whether chosen or disregarded by either client or Studio Creative is strictly prohibited.


Required as agreement of costs & terms and must be supplied before commencement of any works.


Estimated costs are subject to sight of files and/or copy supplied.


Authors corrections and/or further amendments to agreed quotation will be charged as extras @ current hourly rate

Travel / meetings

Charged @ hourly rate + 40p per mile

Payment terms

14 days from date of invoice - overdue accounts will incur 5% charge. Cheque payments are no longer accepted


Clients will be required to sign-off artwork on completion and before hand-over and will assume all responsibility that information is